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Tips on Doing Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has helped many simplify their weight loss journey and save time. Following a specific diet is a major lifestyle change that needs a lot of preparation and chatting with your doctor. When done correctly, it should not cause any suffering or death. Doing intermittent fasting for women over 40 can be helpful to manage weight loss. Here are tips that will help you succeed in your intermittent fasting.

Stay Hydrated

It is important to always hydrate during your fast. Take beverages such as coffee and tea. Set reminders during the day to drink water at a particular time. The recommended amount of water one should drink is 3 liters. It will not be easy at first but aim to fill at least 2 liters in and slowly increase your intake.

Hydrating aims at replenishing key electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium and other minerals that are depleted during the day. Your urine should be pale yellow at all times if turns to dark yellow it is an indication of dehydration and can cause headache and fatigue. Take coffee and tea with no added sugar, milk, or cream.

Pick the Right Fasting Time

When doing intermittent fasting you have to choose the time that fits you well. You can choose either the 16:8 or 20:4 keeping in mind that the longer hours will be sleep hours. The 16:8 involves 16 hours of daily fast and then you have 8 hours to eat. The 20:4 involves 20 hours followed by a 4-hour window to eat. For each method to be effective, it will depend on your flexibility.

Choose the time to start and finish your fast, if breakfast is more important you can say no to an evening snack. As your body gets used to fasting, you can choose the longer method of 5:2. This means you eat for 5 days a week and fast for 2 days full. You can choose the plan that works for you and customize the meals as long as you get the same results.

intermittent fasting tips

Stay Busy

You need to distract yourself from the feeling of hunger by staying busy. You might find yourself craving food because you are bored or have nothing to do. The secret is to keep your mind working. Try a new hobby for example reading a book, cleaning the house, listening to music, etc.

Boost your healthy lifestyle by dedicating at least 30 minutes of your daily activities to doing something constructive. If you can’t stop thinking about food, take a break and walk to keep your thoughts away. Stay focused on the task at hand reminding yourself of the end results.

Avoid Binge Eating

Do not break your fast by binge eating. For a beginner, it might be difficult to take things slow. You will be tempted to jump on the biggest meal you get your hands on. The best thing to do is carefully plan on the foods to eat when breaking your fast.

Start with a light meal and slowly progress to a heavy meal and a snack in between. Do not focus on what is on the plate, eating too much can leave you feeling bloated. Binge eating can also sabotage your weight loss goals that led to intermittent fasting in the first place.…

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