Bodybuilding: 4 Tips Before You Start

Bodybuilding workouts are vital if you want to build muscle mass. You can combine this with the right diet and safe supplements for a safe and fast result. Look for top male enhancement supplements to help you get the desired results without subjecting yourself to any side effects.

Following the correct bodybuilding practices is essential in keeping you free from injuries linked to this activity. You will always be in the right shape to carry on with your workouts. Here are a few tips to follow before you start bodybuilding.

Take Medical Advice

bodybuildingOne of the non-contraindication medical examination goals in sport is to advise the practitioner on a sport, according to their medical and family history, their stated sporting goals, and after questioning and examination. A well-conducted and standardized clinical test is used to verify the adequacy between the practitioner’s wishes and his supposed possibilities.

For example, poorly controlled arterial hypertension is a contraindication to the practice of weight training with heavy loads; however, this disease is only discovered during a systematic medical examination. Taking medical advice will keep you free from such injuries.

Pay Attention to the Warm-Up

Warming up reduces the risk of injury and has been documented in scientific literature. On condition that you devote the necessary time to it, you should begin with gradual conditioning through general exercises mobilizing large muscle masses, then approaching specific movements that will be worked on secondarily, for example, by performing the said movements without load.

Don’t Work Muscle by Muscle

The most common mistake in bodybuilding is to promote the work of muscles “visible” or “motors” of the movement, to improve the aesthetics of the body or the efficiency of the gesture. These muscles, well known to the general public (pectorals, biceps, quads, etc.), are only the visible links of the muscle chains that allow us to move.

mirror workoutThus, other links in the chain, at least as necessary but less “visible,” closer to the joints, help maintain the body’s balanced and efficient posture. If some links are over-trained, the weak links in the chain (very often the deep or antagonistic muscles) can no longer balance the posture. The movement becomes less efficient, and, above all, the risk of pain or injury increases.

Use a Mirror

Bodybuilding movements are quite static; they may seem easy for beginners to perform. This is a false impression, and very often, you may struggle to reproduce exactly the movement you see. A large mirror will allow you to easily control your body’s placement and the trajectory of the movement.