The Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners

Golf is arguably the most technically challenging sporting event out there. For this reason, most players are always looking to improve themselves. However, you don’t have to play golf 5 days of the week to make significant improvements.

There is an array of training aids currently in the market that can help you improve your game without setting foot on the course. You can refine your swing accuracy, movement and putting if you correctly use these training aids. Therefore, keep reading as we take you through the best golf training aids that you should consider.

SKLZ Gold Flex

Imagine replacing your favorite iron’s club head with an attractive yellow golf ball. SKLZ Gold Flex gives you exactly this kind of experience. It’s mainly designed for warm-ups, workouts, and practice. This club weighs around 2.5 pounds at the end plus an additional flex throughout. With all these features, you can effectively practice your form, balance, weight transfer, swing power and even the length of your swing. Coming with an attached ball, you can quickly swing it in your home without worrying where the ball will end up.

Orange Whip

You might have spotted it in most tour players’ bags because the Orange Whip is arguably the most famous golf training aid right now and is mainly used by top golf coaches. If you don’t have a lot of practice time before a round, this warm-up aid is tailor-made for you. It’s designed to help you find better rhythm and tempo before your swing. It also brings a tour-like motion when swung, thus making you a better golfer.

Tour Striker Smart Ball

golfThis is also another training aid that is very common among top players’ bags. This inflatable, mini-beach ball connects to a lanyard that is adjustable, hence meeting the fit of anyone. Currently, in the market, it’s among the most sought after body-connection training aids. It can be inflated between the forearms or be used under the armpit.

That said, this training aid tool will give you knowledge about your body and arms’ functionality while making an effective golf swing. Also, you’ll improve your timing and rhythm if you use Tour Striker Smart Ball help.

Putting Alignment Mirror

Manufactured by Eyeline Golf, a putting alignment mirror can help improve the putt of any golfer. Measuring 12 x 6 inches, this durable mirrored surface also features sight lines, enabling you to produce the perfect shot. This mirror is very portable and can easily be used at home just like putting green at the local golf course. Additionally, you can use the horizontal line to place your putter face correctly. This reflection is critical when adjusting your eyes to look behind the ball.

PuttOut Pressure Putt

If you want real on-course putting, this training aid is designed for that. It will return putts to the same distance they’d have traveled past the hole in case you had missed. This feature is handy when trying to get the right pace and developing your lag putting. Challenges such as the Killer Putting Drill can increase your putting length by 2 feet each time, while the Repeat Putt mode lets you sink 25 putts repeatedly or start again.

To sum it up, there are thousands of training aids being released every year to help you improve your game.